6 Helpful Tips for Cutting Grass Without a Lawn Mower

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  • Date: May 8, 2022
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Cutting the grass in a lawn is one of the many ways to keep it healthy. Most of the time, when you hear about cutting grass, the one thing that comes to mind is a lawn mower. But what if you don’t have one and need to mow your lawn? What if you have a lawn mower but have no idea how to use it? We’ve compiled some of the most effective ways to mow your lawn without a lawn mower.

1. Use a Thread Trimmer

A string trimmer is lightweight and therefore particularly suitable for cutting grass. To get an even cut, cut the grass when it is dry. Some trimmers are cordless and run on batteries, making them even easier to use. Others are corded.

If you use a corded trimmer, make sure the cord is long enough to mow the entire lawn.

2. Let Farm Animals Eat the Grass

Letting farm animals like goats and sheep eat the grass is an easy way to keep it short. The animals benefit from the nutritious grass, and you benefit from cutting the grass without expending power or energy. However, this only works if you have a large number of animals.

3. Use an Edge Cutter

Have you ever seen a perfectly mowed lawn with sharp edges and wondered what the owner did to achieve that? It’s not rocket science. They often edge their lawns with an edger. An edger is used to trim the edges of a lawn. It makes it look presentable and well-manicured.

Edging should be done after mowing the lawn to maintain a well-maintained lawn. Do not let your edger come in contact with concrete or other hard surfaces, as they will damage it and affect its functionality. You may not edge very nicely the first time, but you will gain the skills if you do it often.

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Aside from keeping your space looking tidy and spiffy, edging a lawn prevents grass from encroaching on areas like driveways and flower gardens.

4. Use Large Scissors

Shears are suitable for small lawns, because you can spend a lot of time cutting the grass. They have blades and are hand-held. If you are using shears to cut grass without a lawn mower, you will need a pair of knee pads to prevent injury to your knees. You will have to move on them and could get bruises if you don’t use the protectors.

When you use the scissors, the blades and the ground should be parallel to each other. This allows you to easily reach places that a lawn mower can not reach, such as the edges of flower gardens. You can also use the shears to trim plants other than grass. They are usually sharp enough, and you will have no trouble cutting soft branches precisely.

5. Use a Sickle

A sickle has a curved blade and a long handle. All you have to do is hold the handle and cut the grass in a curved motion. Be sure to hold the sickle in a comfortable position or you may never want to use it again from exhaustion. A sickle is especially good for cutting tall grass. If you’re not afraid to expend some of your energy, you won’t have a hard time using it. It depends solely on your energy.

The secret to using a sickle without problems is to stone it frequently to keep its blade sharp. Cutting grass without a mower when it is wet is even easier than when it is dry. Water softens the grass and makes it easy to cut. It also lubricates the blades. Use shorter blades because they are easier to handle than longer ones. They take longer to use, but are easier to control than longer ones. When you first use a sickle, you may not achieve an even cut. This shouldn’t bother you because the more you use it, the more proficient you will become. After some time you will cut the grass evenly without much trouble.

6. Use Hedge Trimmer

When using a hedge trimmer to cut grass without a lawn mower, first remove any obstacles in the lawn. Wear safety glasses and remove anything you lose, such as jewelry. Also, wear knee pads to prevent injury to your knees. Kneel on the lawn and place the blade of the hedge trimmer on your front.

Hold the hedge trimmer firmly with both hands and make sure that the blade and the ground are in a horizontal position. Make sure that it does not dig through the ground.

Besides cutting grass, a hedge trimmer can also cut soft branches.

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