How to Rid Your Lawn of Clover: The Definitive Guide

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  • Date: August 22, 2022
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On the one hand, it’s a pretty flower that makes your yard look colorful and lush. Clover can be difficult to get rid of, but with the right tools and techniques, you can eradicate it for good! In this definitive guide, we will teach you how to identify clover and how to get rid of it using herbicides, mechanical removal methods, and cultural controls.

What is Clover?

Clover (Trifolium) is a broadleaf weed that is commonly found in lawns. It has a three-leaflet shape and can be either red, white, or yellow in color. Clover is a low-growing plant that spreads via stolons (aboveground runners). It reproduces by seed, but it also spreads through its stolons, which can root at the nodes and create new plants. Clover is often considered a weed because it is difficult to control and can crowd out desirable grasses on a lawn.

Clover is a common problem in lawns because it is very tolerant of low mowing heights. It is also resistant to many common herbicides. Clover is often found in areas of the lawn that receive less sunlight or are compacted. It is also common in newly seeded lawns because the seeds are often mixed with grass seed.

When to Kill Clover

The best time to kill clover is in the spring or fall when the plants are actively growing. Clover is a cool season plant and will go dormant in the summer. If you try to kill it during this time, it will simply come back when cooler weather returns.

How to Remove Clover From Lawn

The most effective way to remove clover from your lawn is to use a herbicide that contains trifluralin or dicamba. These products will kill clover as well as many other common weeds. Be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully and only apply them when the weather is cool and there is no chance of rain.

How to Get Rid of Clover in Lawn Naturally

You can use a number of methods to control clover on your lawn. Clover is a tough plant, so you may have to try a few different techniques before you find one that works for you. Be patient and keep at it, and eventually, you’ll be able to get rid of the clover for good.

Deprive it of oxygen and sunlight

If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can try to smother the clover with a thick layer of mulch. This will prevent it from getting the sunlight it needs to grow.

Remove it manually

You can also try pulling it up by hand, but be sure to get as much of the root as possible or it will just come back.

Vinegar mixture

Vinegar mixture to get rid of clover-White vinegar -Water -Dish soap Mix together equal parts white vinegar and water. Add a few drops of dish soap to help the mixture stick to the leaves. Apply it to the clover plants and then wait a few days to see if it’s effective.

Сorn gluten meal

Corn gluten meal is a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning it will prevent clover seeds from germinating. It’s also safe to use around children and pets. Apply it to your lawn in early spring before the clover has a chance to grow.

Mow grass

To prevent clover from taking over your lawn, it’s important to mow regularly and fertilize in the fall. Mowing helps to prevent the clover from going to seed while fertilizing gives your grass the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.


Will clover take over the grass

Clover will not take over your grass, but it can crowd it out if left unchecked. If you have clover on your lawn, you’ll need to be diligent about mowing and herbicide use to control it. Clover is a difficult weed to control, but with patience and persistence, you can rid your lawn of this pesky weed.

Why is my lawn full of clover?

There are a few reasons why your lawn might be full of clover. One reason could be that the pH of your soil is too low, which clover thrives. Another possibility is that you have poor drainage or compacted soil, which can also lead to an abundance of clover. Lastly, if you don’t mow your lawn regularly, clover can take over.

Does clover grow back after mowing?

Yes, clover does grow back after mowing. In fact, it can be difficult to get rid of clover once it’s established on your lawn. The best way to control clover is to mow regularly and use herbicides.

What happens to clover in winter?

Clover is a winter annual, which means it dies off in the winter. However, the seeds can survive in the ground and will germinate when the weather warms up again.

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